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Personal #3: Red Light Communicating- Not Better than Brunch

Ah, all hail the Blackberry.

Since the advent of the PDA/Smartphone, be it IPhone, Trio, Droid, and now with Google’s Nexus One, cell phones aren’t just for talking anymore. Everyone is connected to all email (and a hoard of other applications) 24-7.

Aside from the annoyance of emails, texts, facebook posts, BBM messages and other notifications sent- there is one thing that provokes me more than anything.

That damn flashing red light. (No Roxanne, you don’t have to sell your body to the light.)

I’m not sure how all of you out there feel about the abundance of communication found in these tiny devices, but that constant rouge blinking is a constant reminder: I can never rest.

It’s the blessing and the curse of this day and age- you’re completely connected 100% of the time. But, you’re completely connected 100% of the time. You can’t escape.

And not just that you can’t escape, but everytime that red light flashes, I do get a twinge of fright/fear/guilt/nerves- have I missed something? Did I forget to respond? Is it my third grade teacher’s birthday and facebook is reminding me?

Either way, I wonder why the light couldn’t have been a more peaceful, calm color- perhaps a nice sky blue or celadon green. Who ever had qualms with a soft pink? I get it, I get it. The red SCREAMS pay attention to me! And yes, it works.

I thought about this as I came across an Article from Red Envelope owner and NYU grad professor, Scott Galloway. Can you imagine having your red blinking light indicate this diatribe? http://deadspin.com/5477230/nyu-business-school-professor-has-mastered-the-art-of-email-flaming

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