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Rule #3. Guests will suddenly develop a grand sense of entitlement that will put J-Lo to shame

Slowly but surely, this blog is turning into a wedding-frustration-posting-board. Perhaps you can’t tell that from the posts that are still hovering in my dsahboard, longing to get posted and vent their pent up $%^&*#!!! at the world.

But, we’ll wait for now.

This blog I just couldn’t resist. It is so well written, from a local George Mason (Go Patriots- woop woop, or whatever they say. In Janelle terms, the “I-still-have-love-for-the-team-that-should-have-won-the-final-four-in-2006-school, but my alma mater, none the less) -ite, Ally is brilliant and witty and calm, yet sarcastic.

They say you emulate writers who share your personality traits.

I’m still working on the calm part.

Either way- this is a must read. Wedding, Survival, Planning: What I hope to pass on to others.

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