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Response #2: “Truthiness” and YouTube

Loose change… I’m not sure how I’ve missed this for the past 10 years or so, but it’s deserving of an hour and 20 minutes of your time.

In my opinion, it’s hard not to watch and question everything about 9/11.

Technically for responses blogging, the assignment is to further articulate thoughts on articles posted on our delicious feed. And, respectfully, there are some great articles that are in our feed.

But, I’m not going to do that.

This video has my utmost attention, so I’m going to expand here.

During the terror attacks of September 11, I was a senior in highschool. My highschool, mere long blocks from the Pentagon, as were many other government and non-government buildings during that week, was on lockdown mode for the rest of the day when the attacks occurred.

Watching that video brought back fleeting memories of sheer fear – in students, in teachers, in nuns and parents frantically trying to capture the sounds of their children’s voices via cell phone or physically scouring the school looking for them.

Here’s what struck me also: no one really paid attention to the “events.”

Follow me for a second:

You can probably remember what you wore that day (for me, uniforms makes it starch-ily simple to recall), or what kind of car you drove, what even was going on in your life around that time.

But, the fear and emotion of the day’s, week’s and month’s events – the human nature of the absurdity and outrage of the events- I argue made people less and less aware of the details of what actually happened.

Before I’m condemned or snubbed for guzzling the “loose change” kool-aide – ask yourself those above questions. And only if you’ve already watched the video- come on, that’s the premise.

(If you haven’t: stop reading. Go watch it. Mad Men is on re-runs, I promise.)

What’s amazing to me about this video is the application is serves not only as a social media tool, but an aggregate of news information that is arguably more potent in “real time” video format. Think you would have gotten the same level of digestion from a blog post or radio clip? Perhaps a filofax (they still exist) of news clippings? No. The video format is compelling- the author’s voice realistic and the music (aside from a DJ Skooly reference that made me question taste a touch) all in all, it’s impressive.

I’m not a magic bullet theorist, though I question the assassination of JFK thanks to 8th grade history class, but there are some details and points that are hard NOT to question. Who’s Marvin Bush, for one? How can all of the scientific evidence be questionable?

All I’m saying is question the truth, and count your change.

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