Weekly #10: The Brave New World. And closer to home, Tysons (v 2.0)

There was an interesting editorial in the Post last week on the new “metro-oriented” Tysons Corner.

the vision for metro-orientation of the NOVA shopping destination

For those of you who might be far from the DC metro area, “Tysons” names area who’s mailing address is tecnnically somewhere in the Vienna/McLean zip code of VA. Better known as a retail shopping mecca, Tysons is constantly fascinated, it would seem, with cramming cars into a street grid of less than two main thoroughfares, bounded by outer loop of 495 (the Capital Beltway.)

Tysons I and Tysons II, owned by different entities (Macerich and formerly-known-as-GGP, General Growth Properties, respectively) are commonly referred to suburbia. Their orientation (aside from local bus routes) around no mass transit or traffic-less corridors have long been a challenging urban planning issue that has recently come to a head.

Regardless of personal view on this development or others in and around our Nation’s Capital or the rest of the major markets around the country- one thing is absolutely certain: it is a Web 2.0 world.

Long gone are the picketers, the letters to the editor and SAVE OUR WILD SALMON buttons- this war has gone online, and with a distinct analogy to Web 1.0 to 2.0 transition.

The buttons, posters and protesters still exist, but now there are facebook pages, community servers, meet up groups, twitter feeds and specific online resources that revel the grassroots communication outreach of bygone days.

And the most crucial difference?

People can talk back. The push and pull- put in, get out qualities of communities will forever change the way “we” see everything from new developments, to war, to politics to college entrance exams and even pizza delivery.

(Who knew the biggest night for this is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving?)

Transforming or conforming, changing or crafting- war or wisdom, building or breakdown, it’s a brave new world out there.

Time to Jump in.


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