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Weekly #9: J is for Sushi. And further proof I should have been a ‘Bridget.’

Even if I had ended up as a Juliana, which is much closer than Bridget to the runner up for Janelle, that wouldn’t have helped me much for this week’s assignment.

Ah, J.

One of the most coveted letters for quirky adverbs and synthetic products, and apparently, the symbol for impulse (who knew?) the 10th letter of the alphabet is not so easily used as an opener to country names.

Curious about which countries are, and coincidentally, what they might be blogging about? Check out global voices online. Not interested? Their tag line “the world is talking. are you listening?” might poke at your ethical guilt.

Ok, a stretch, but if I didn’t capture you with the name game, go stare at your IPad some more, and then when bored again, come back and check it out.

Back already?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. So, primarily, this site allows you to access the blogging communities in each area of the globe  (shameless Onion plug). This week’s assignment was to investigate a country starting with the first letter of your first name and report back on your findings.

It’s tough sometimes, in a blog, to really pull it all together.

My first name starts with J.

(moment of silence. ahhhh. got it)

So I have three options: Jordan, Japan and Jamaica.

Not overly stimulated by immediate thought of Toyota, anything to do with the Palestinian conflict, or rostafarian ideals, I decided to play around on the site more to determine which country I would dig through deeper.

The site is a fascinating look at global communities. Not only what they’re talking about, but who’s talking most, most frequently and for what audience. Using many of the concepts that we’ve learned and talked about over the course of the semester, there are blogs, wiki’s, communities, crowds and even a global heat map of which country is talking most.

Loving all things remotely corresponding to Sushi, I settled on Japan.

With today’s news of Lexus discontinuing sales of one of their high-end soccer mom SUV’s, I thought that surely, this topic would be a hotbed of activity and communication for the bloggers of Japan. According to their archives, the average amount of posts per month is 20-22. Each of their posts also either get a fair amount of comments (average 5), or none.

There was a wide range of content on their page, from a dog who has a human face via a twitter feed, to the shuttering of a citizen journalism publication, to the beginning of the New Year, also known as April Fool’s Day this year.

My synopsis of the Japan-specific site on this global voices is that it may not reflect global crises or other pertinent world events, at first glance, but it does give a rather random, yet interesting view of “what’s news.” Many articles are interesting, but aside from Japan as a common theme, many are outlandish.

To conclude- my name still starts with J. And, the history of sushi, though debated, is something that Japan can claim.


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