Response #3: If your pants on are fire, being a liar becomes less important.

This week we are going to study Threadless.

Don’t know what this is?

You’re probably one of, hmm, maybe 11 people in your zip code who aren’t yet sniffing the glue this company is making.

Get on that, Elmer.

First, some background: check out this great article from 2006 (gasp! aging like Coke Zero!) on 7 reasons why Threadless rules.

(*Note- I cannot garner praise and acclaim for the phenomenal title to this post. Killertoothbrush, aka Leuke, can.)

*Note- this blog doesn't condone lying. It does however, appreciate the humorous application of stating the obvious.

Threadless. Actually, more threads. Here’s how it works: 1) you come up with a great idea. (I’m contemplating the glue sniffing reference, or “we knew Jason Campbell pre Donovan.” 2) You submit it to the threadless team. 3) The “community” (see weekly post #7) then votes on the design. 4) Should your design be selected for print, you receive $2k in cash, and a signficant amount of bragging rights.

Per the article, Threadless is a beautiful business model, in my opinion. And the essence of entrepreneurship, somewhat edited. There are two main ideas that I think are most important (so if you didn’t read the above, here, CHECK OUT THESE CLIFF NOTES)

1.) It’s playful.

Come on, when was the last time you logged onto or or even a clothing retail site like Neiman Marcus. Not too much “playful” activity going on here- mostly straight forward, purposeful shopping. Threadless is kinda like a puppy that never grows up- it just maintains it’s enthusiam.

2.) It’s Quality and DIY.

Again, to the consummate entrepreneur, this is SOP, but for a t-shirt website, their product quality gets high marks. And, it’s do-it-yourself. No deadlines or time crunching. Feel like submitting? Go for it. Not this week? No big deal.

More to follow, but for now, I’m still putting off the knitting adventure. These threads are way cooler.


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